Time: Short hair saves a lot of time because it not only dries faster but it is also faster to style and color as well. If you live a busy lifestyle and don't want ot take the time to do your hair every morning, a short hair style can be the way to go. Versatility: It may seem as though a short hairstyle limits creativity, but that's not so. With the use of the many styling products on the market today, you can achieve a wide variety of looks with minimal effort. You can easily go from sleek and professional to spiked-up and funky! Flexible: Short hair works in just about every situation. It is practical for everyday life. It is sophisticated for work. It is elegant for formal occasions. Put your best face forward. With a short hairstyle, your facial features take center stage. What's more, because a short hairstyle is generally uplifting to the face, it can take years off of your look and make you look younger. Healthy scalp: Short hair, if cared for carefully, can lead to a healthier scalp. That can also lead to a healthier body overall and improve your overall health.