Understand that it's a process. You aren't going to love the process of growing out your hair, but if you want to go from short and chic to long and luscious, you're going to have to roll with the punches. Grow out the top first. Keep the overall length trimmed while you allow the top layers to catch up. Don't simply let all of your hair grow all at once; allow the shorter layers to blend into the longer layers. Keep your hair trimmed during the process to keep some semblance of shape to it. Condition your hair to avoid breakage. Breakage and split ends will keep your hair from growing out as quickly as it otherwise might. Embrace the in-between. In between your current hairstyle and your goal length are many options for stylish looks. As your layers grow out, experiment with different styles. Have fun with accessories! Use headbands and stylish barrettes to keep your growing layers under control.