Pictures of ladies with short hair cut into straight styles but sometimes making your short, sleek hairdo curly or wavy can be a good way to dress it up for a formal occasion. If your hair is cut into a bob style, you can achieve romantic, soft waves by using curlers of different sizes all over your hair. Soft waves like these are great for formal occasions and can be a great way to dress up your everyday look. To go even more curly than that, you can go for all-out curly ringlets. Achieve this look by using very small, thin rollers or by using a small flat iron to create soft ringlets. Before applying this much heat to your hair, however, always be sure to protect your hair by applying a heat-protection product to your hair as a precaution. The goal with any wavy or curly short hair style is to find a perfect balance. You want to add enough curl to get that soft, romantic look you're after, but at the same time you don't want your curls so tight so as to resemble a hair style from your grandmother's era.