Some of these models seem to have looked to hollywood for guidance. Although not many of us have the kind of resources to pull off the style statement that our favorite celebrities do, but we can emulate what they do with their hair. Check out this list of celebrities who have shown that short hair really does rock. Whether it's pink, black or blonde, Pink's roll-and-roll 'do is the epitome of sexy. This pop/R&B singer has shown that having short hair doesn't have to mean having only one style. With her short styles, Rihanna's stunning facial features really stand out. You can draw attention to your best features in a similar way, too. Whether it's your stunning blue-green eyes, your swan-like neck or your full Angelina Jolie lips, a short hair style will bring those features to the fore. Sharon Stone It's just "Basic Instinct": Sharon Stone's delicate features and stunning eyes are perfectly suited to her short, spiky hairstyle. Meg Ryan's short hair goes to show that curly hair can look great in a short style. Her cherubic look complements her youthful-looking features. Cynthia Nixon This former "Sex and the City" star proves that flaming redheads don't need long, luscious locks to be head-turners.