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Short locks used to be shunned upon by women years ago. But today, short locks is a classic thanks you many iconic women propagating the pixies, bobs and other short locks trends. There are many varieties of short cuts that can flatter any texture, face shape and life style. What is even more exciting about short cuts is that they offer so many advantages! Short styles are easier to manage since there are fewer chances of tangles and breakage compared to longer locks. Short cuts are also less time consuming to work with, which is especially beneficial for women who are always on the go. Along with being more time efficient, short looks are also entail less effort on upkeep because there are less hair care and styling products that are required, in turn shorter 'dos can also be deemed as more cost-efficient than longer looks. But this does not mean that there is nothing much to do with shorter cuts. In fact, shorter locks are quite versatile and they can be straightened, crimped, curled, coloured, volumized and so much more! All it takes is learning about what style is best for the cut and color that you have and the possibilities are endless.

If we follow cultural stereotypes then women with short hair are considered to be more rebellious, more adventurous and certainly more confident. This season, whatever your reason behind cutting it short, here is a list of short hair styles for women that will change you completely. If you are a woman looking for ideas and inspiration for short hair styles then look no further. Short hair requires different maintenance than does long and the choice of products for will differ from those you would use for long hair as well. Once you understand how to choose a good haircut for your face shape, lifestyle and hair type, and have an understanding of the right kinds of products for your shorter 'do, you'll be able to get the full benefit and convenience of having short hair. Here, you'll find information on everything from how to choose the right 'do for your face to how to care for your style. By Debbie Greaves 2013