Height and volume in either a super sleek or super sexy textured look are the hottest trends in prom hairstyles today. And what this essentially means is that you can take this as inspiration to make any look that you want, there is no "wrong" in prom hairstyles today. Whether you want to create volume at the top, the back, or even the sides, you can do it today. If you are adding high and texture to your prom hairstyles, here are some tips on how to do it to match your dress as well. If you have asymmetrical features on your dress, such as a one sleeved dress or an asymmetrical hemline, you can balance this with asymmetrical prom hairstyles. Be sure that whatever side your hair falls on with your hairstyle, is the opposite side from the asymmetry on your dress as this will create a balanced silhouette. If you have a dress that is highly textured in the way of ruffles, lace, or added pieces, be sure the texture in your prom hairstyles falls towards the back of your hairstyle. This also creates a balanced look where the eye isn't forced to look at too much at one time in one silhouette.