Many girls wondering what to do with their prom hairstyles this year will worry about the length. They will look at their short, medium length, or long hair, and think that they can't have the prom hairstyles of their dreams because the length of their hair doesn't match their desired style. The truth is, this is the worst way to go about choosing prom hairstyles. Instead of trying to make your hairstyle match your hair length, take your hair length and work with it to create the prom hairstyles of your dreams. In other words, let your hair length determine your style, and not the other way around. If you have super short hair, now is your chance to do something different than the every day. If your hair is normally curly, find a way to sleek and straighten it for the big night. If your hair is generally straight, choose prom hairstyles with plenty of volume. The bottom line is that prom is the night to do something different. No matter what length you are working with, create a unique look that enhances your hair length and shows off a little bit of you at the same time.