Not all teen girls want to be cookie-cutter princesses at prom. Brave, edgy girls who dare to look different are the ones who stand out from the crowd and become center of attention. If you are the type who does not really like playing it safe and would like your creative personality shine through, the looks in this selection might appeal to you more. The ‘dos in this gallery are not limited to long haired girls; there are some for long mane and medium-length mane too. Get a little quirky but stay elegant on the special night with prom looks that will be extra unforgettable. Some looks have curls, others have spikes and some even dares to play with colors. No boring and usual hair ‘dos in this department. These looks are borderline avante garde, sexy and functional too. You might need to try it out long before the big night and it might take more effort (and styling products) than your typical prom look but the result will be worthwhile. If there were an award for center of attention or most artistic look, one of these would probably win it. Don’t be afraid and pick yours right here.

 The best creations are from innovative thinkers, not the girl who played it safe get an idea and make it your own with a quirk or some extra flair but make sure you give it a try before you go to you special night. The greatest of the prom styles you'll see will showcase the personality wearer. If you don't like the curly look and want to show off an elegant side with a sleek stylish updo, this look is hotter than ever. You can still show off volume without compromising your sleek, sexy hair. One way to showcase volume with shorter hair is to concentrate on adding texture. There are a number of creative ways to do this today, whether you are adding finger waves, spikes, or simply messing it up a little bit. The key to remember if you are adding texture to shorter hair is that with shorter hair you open more room for error. With less hair to work with, you have less hair to look at as well, so any mistake is easily spotted. The less precise your look, the more you minimize that chance for error. Add some product such as a wax or a styling pomade and mess it up a bit, or create an asymmetrical look. Not having a perfectly styled look is hotter than ever