Striking out to new ground is the way to impress at the your prom. This year's prom is not for the girl next door, but for the girl who wants to be different than the girl next door. So this year's prom hairstyles trends are going to take a look at things from a different angle. For this, you want to think all things asymmetrical. Whether that is a hemline, a neckline, or a hairline. For prom hairstyles, there are an abundance of options to choose from if you want a look that is asymmetrical. A side braid, side pony, or even an asymmetrical chignon would make for a stunning Old Hollywood glamour look. Before you take your look to the stylist, set your entire hair with high volume mousse and rollers that will curl for 30 minutes. Take the curls out and finger comb them through. Try on different looks from different angles, the top of your crown, a low bun on the side of your neck, until you find the asymmetrical prom look that is perfect for you. A lovely flower or jeweled clip looks stunning set in an asymmetrical hairstyle.