When it comes to choosing a prom 'do adding a braid instantly revitalizes it and adds a certain something. The bohemian look is alive and well and is the hottest look on all of the runways this year, and yes even the red carpets. If you think that braids are too casual or school girl to take to the prom, think again. Adding a strategically placed braid to a sexy elegant look will give it all new texture and style that nobody else will be able to copy. Braids are an excellent way to make any prom haircut your own. Whether you are using a braid extension, or creating a unique braid from your own locks, you simply can't go wrong. You can leave one small section of hair out and braid it to have a unique piece left out of your updo, or slip it back in and wind it around a bun or updo. Another creative way to braid your prom hairstyle is to set your hair in a number of braids before pinning it up, and simply letting the braids fall where they may. When it comes to braids, there is no hotter or more contemporary way to change one look fast.