Sometimes on certain occasions a girl just needs an updo. Not a compromise, not a debate, not a conversation, not a vote, it doesn't go to committee, it just has to be an updo! The worst time to try a new hairstyle is right before prom, unless you want to make a bold entrance and have a lot of confidence in your stylist. Prom haircuts however can come in the way of maintenance on the length that you already have, in order to shape your hair perfectly for the big night. This year's trends in prom haircuts are high on volume and this will mean a lot of shaggy layering for the stylist. Layers at the crown will be great for you to add volume and height to any updo. Sleek your hair to your crown in a sleek look, and secure as a ponytail. Set the hair in your ponytail with some high volume mousse product, and set the ponytail in rollers. Take the rollers out after 30 minutes and pile the curls on top of the crown for a gorgeous half mussy half fussy look that is today's effortless elegance with prom.