Perfect for the businesswoman, twirl hair in to large rollers inset with each, then allow air to fall into a natural bun, creating a classic yet stylish look for any occasion. Runway perfection is the ultimate statement for an unusual Bob hairstyle with a solid, striking, straight bang with just a hint of length on one side. Thick and straight hair will benefit from a subtle highlight and a blunt cut. Simply blow-dry or dry naturally with a middle part, providing a truly wash and wear style. Wavy hair will benefit from a deep part with a side swept bang, with naturally cut layering, creating a soft yet luxurious medium length bob. For anything with a high forehead and wavy hair, cutting into short and long layering encourages curling movement, and provides a young and youthful look. Prototypes of pizzazz and punk, wavy hair benefits from short and medium layering, with a truly stunning style, that may require professional assistance. A single length bob with an accentuated cut is truly refined and stunning, perfect for every woman. Straight hair is perfect for a longer yet single length bob, as the feathering provides a young feel and the highlighted bang creates a unique focal point for every look.