Hairstyles for medium length hair . For grace and style, part the hair just off center, and a zigzag pattern will create volume and uniqueness. For youth and vibrance, feathered long layers add stunning elegance with bangs. With heavy layers, this extremely easy to maintain straight hairstyle is spectacular with wax, to create a voluminous and wild yet sexy look. A longer yet feathered Bob provides more volume and youthful vigor. For youth and vitality, splitting hair into two sections in the back, create two small, low tied pigtails. Creating a small bubble with the hair with bangs, fasten a hair on top of your head with hair clips, and you have a party ready style. Shorter bobs can benefit from curling hair of the big rollers to create waves. Use a gel or hairspray to keep the fringes where you want them. Highlights always create depth in any style. With off-center parting, this is a wash and wear look. Tight curls need to be under control, so use styling lotion, or let your hair dry naturally. Run your fingers through your hair with a serum or cream, to create a volume and panache that you want. A  bob accentuates and elongates the neckline, truly a sexy look.