Ironic as it may seem, to keep your mane looking effortless, fresh and updated takes quite the investment of effort, time and money. Medium length styles are safe for almost all face shapes but who wants to just stay on the safe side nowadays? Safe is okay but not extraordinary. And to get to the extraordinary, you have to know what medium haircut works best for your face shape and what color makes you skin glow and your eyes pop. The right cut and the right color is everything. For a classic conservative look, softer layers and curls could work well on medium length styles and any age. For a more casual medium length style, long bangs and soft fringes would look fierce but still feminine. Texture matters to know what kind of product would boost volume, vitality and shine at the same time combat frizz or dullness. Changing the color could definitely make or break a look as it can draw or take away the attention from the facial features. Of course, this also depends on your lifestyle and personality too. So let the photo and tips here help and inspire you to show the real you through the mane that you choose.

For our more reserved visitors, there is always the classically soft and gentle bob, with easy layering and soft curls, this is truly a look for the ages. Femininity in boy style is all the rage, with long bangs and short sides, this is truly a stunning yet fierce style. Look like you just woke up, but showcase a fresh face with truly hip styling. For thick, straight hair, a stark side part and single length cut is perfect. With a boost of shine and color, you can create an evening look or beach ready day or night. Long in the front and shorter in the back, this creates an elegant yet classic style that is perfect for the lady of style or business class. For sleekness and structure, a graduated bob, which is longer in the front and short in the back, provides a dramatic and striking look, with a thick and straight bang that surely makes a statement. Stand out from the crowd with a wild bob in the front and a short messy look in the back. With color contrast, this is truly a complementary look. Lots of bobs in this section, traditional and contemporary also a severe one with sharp bangs and a totally jet black color.