For any enticing look, strong yet small curls with a bit of serum eliminate flyaways and frizz. Easy to manage style is available, with a practical and stylish bob with a slightly jagged cut, simply brush and go. Thicker hair well benefit from this highlighted look, which has been cut in a blunt and graduated angle. Blow-dry or let dry naturally, and you are ready for work or party. With extra long bangs and short and graduated cut, this link provides sophistication and boldness, perfect for the powerful executive woman. A clean, easy to manage style is perfect for the fresh faced lady that just wants a wash and wear look. Softness and smoothness will take many years off your look, with a timeless and elegant style with a highlighted bob. Perfect for summer, long yet layered with perfect highlighting, look like you just stepped in from a day at the beach with this natural cut. For minimal flyaways and frizz, shorter on the top and longer at the bottom, this allows for beautifully tight yet layered curls. The side view model sports an inverted bob or stacked bob, although the stacking is slight. There is also a more traditional bob that has small wispy bangs