With the use of color you can give a perceived volume, with contrasting hues. Short on one side, long, and pointy on the other, this look is pure retro funk Goth, all rolled into one. With smooth sides, straighten the top of your guarantees and spray, and create a truly punk style, perfect for any party. A little more masculine look, an angled hairstyle that is cut from short to long, back to front, a mussed look on the top of the head is a truly unique style. For a stunning and truly timeless, beautiful look, curl the hair with hot rollers or a curling iron, and gently loosen the girls with your fingers to create this angelic look. An innovative take on a classic mullet, in extremely sharp bang and a longer back, this style is truly low maintenance, yet is the pinnacle of femininity. For the seductress in every woman, this medium hairstyle reveals tenacity yet femininity, in a softly curled, layered look. Try to keep the thickness of the hair strands uniform throughout the process for a more intricate and neater look. Lastly, secure the braid with an elastic band for it to stay put and spritz it with some hairspray to add some gloss and to prevent "flyaways".