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To some ladies a short haircut is difficult to rock. To others, long locks can be too fussy to take care of. So what’s a girl to do? Find the middle ground-medium styles. Compared to short ‘dos that need regular trims and long ‘dos that takes a lot of effort to beautify, medium length locks are relatively easier to work with. Medium cuts work well with any face shape, body type and thickness of the locks. Medium length locks can also be very versatile and more efficient when it comes to time, effort and styling products. Some of the details can be added to medium length designs with a few snips here and there--- jagged edges, layers, fringes and bangs. Volume can be added through various ways of hair parting, teasing, using of styling products and techniques for waves and curls. There are simpler styles that can be used to add a wow factor to everyday medium length locks too; some of these are braids and twists. One definite way of adding dimension, depth and flair is through using color for highlights and low lights. Never again will medium length locks have to be mediocre if you try the suggestions you can find here.

Medium hairstyles are great for any face shape and body type.  The jagged cut provides more edge, and you can clearly define the layering with some finishing gloss. You can also create a racy yet sexy look, by rough drying your hair, to create a mussed look that is ready to party. For voluminous curls, allow hair to dry, then run through with a serum or cream, creating frizz-free and defined curls. You can easily straighten the bangs, to create a sexy yet fun look quickly and easily. There is also a unique take on the Roman braid, starting with one side of your head and braiding around to the other. You will complete the look by adding it to any bun or twisted styling. Medium hair is also a great way to showcase bounce and pizzazz, with a touch of curl or just straight. It provides excellent fullness and bounce with a rough dry, or accentuate a sleeker style with a jagged cut and two-tone coloring. By Debbie Greaves 2013