Here in section three you'll find a classic but edgy look any woman can wear you just need mid-length hair. For striking cheekbones yet soft elements, a short on one side and long on the other with bangs provides a softness yet audacity. For extreme confidence and poise, a bob that is short the front and longer in the back with a jagged bang and stunning curls, creates an extraordinary contrast for any face and figure. Flowing movement and strong faith accentuation, a cute bob with long sweeping bangs is ideal. Layers provide multiple looks, volume and height to link and contrast, medium hairstyles provided the perfect opportunity to create a vision of beauty. For the ultimate in low maintenance, short on one side and long on the other with a touch of mousse and blow-dry, you're ready for anything. An exploration color, texture and height, strain the back of your hair and roll your hair upwards and hold with hairspray, and discover a striking new look. For anyone that likes the pixie look, try a textured and choppy medium length hairstyle that is low maintenance so easy to achieve.