This image gallery, as you can probably tell is packed to the brim with ideas for hairstyles for both formal and casual occasions. All of them are perfect for those that have longer hair. However, how do you go about choosing the right long hairstyle for a formal occasion? Let me reveal all. Firstly, take a browse through the numerous long hairstyle ideas on this website. I am sure you will encounter a number of hairstyle ideas to whet your appetite. However, when you are searching for longer hairstyles you will be on the lookout for something different. Bear these tips in mind: 1. What type of event are you attending? Many people fail to realize that a wedding will need a completely different hairstyle to a homecoming, the former of which tends to attract slightly more laid back styles. 2. Is it different enough from your normal style? For formal events you do want to stand out after all! 3. Does it complement your look? There are a few things you are going to want to bear in mind here. Firstly, does it match up to your age? Secondly, does it complement your features. Generally speaking, if you have stunning eyes and facial features you will want to choose a long hairstyle which frames your face well. Bear a few of those tips in mind and I am sure you will be able to find the perfect hairstyle for you.