When you are choosing hairstyles for a formal occasion there are a number of things to bear in mind. Firstly, does it complement the clothes that you are wearing? After all, there is no point in choosing a hairstyle which is a little out of the ordinary if the clothes you are wearing are very subtle. Secondly, you need to consider whether your particular style fits in with the look that you currently have, for example is it fit for your age bracket? Or perhaps your facial features? Letís take a little look at what I mean. If you are slightly older then you probably recognise that there a lot of ideas for long hairstyles out there. The problem is, by opting for the younger hairstyles you often end up looking much older! Therefore you will want to choose something age appropriate. On this website you will find a plethora of ideas for you to sink your teeth into, so donít worry too much about it. Secondly, if you have a slightly rounder face then you may want to opt for long hairstyles which appear to be slightly fuller i.e. donít frame the face quite so much. Honestly, this will help you appear much more attractive whilst you are out and about!