On this website you will find a number of ideas of haircuts for women with slightly longer hair some with layers. I suggest you browse about the hundreds of ideas that we have on offer here to help you find the perfect match for you. Remember, when you are searching for a particular hairstyle you will want to choose something which aims to complement your overall look. For example, if you are younger then you will probably be able to get away with ‘crazier’ hairstyles than an older person would be able to get away with. If you have a rounder face then you will probably want to be on the lookout for hairstyles which are layered or curled. This attempts to match your facial features and overall you are going to end up with a much better style (and you are going to look much more beautiful as a result). If you have a slightly slimmer face with stunning facial features then you will want to look for a hairstyle which frames your face well. This means that it will be a straight hairstyle, possibly with very pronounced bangs. You will be surprised at just how much benefit this is going to have on your looks.