If you have long hair then you are incredibly lucky. You have a plethora of styles at your disposal. In addition to that, your hair is workable enough to change your style every single day if you want. Although of course that isnít suggested as it will ruin the hair, and it will take far too long. In this image gallery, and in the others on this website you will find a ton of long style ideas for you to work with. I suggest that when you are choosing the next cut for your hair you consider the sort of look you want to go for. For example, if you are older then you will want to be on the lookout for something that is slightly more reserved. If you have a slightly rounder face then you may want to be searching for a hairstyle which appears to be Ďfullí in order to match your facial features, in my opinion the best ones to opt for here are those which are curly, or even layered hairstyles. Finally you will need to ensure that your chosen style matches the environment. For example if you are at a formal occasion you will want to opt for something completely different to a casual one i.e. something that takes a bit longer to put together. Take a browse through this gallery, I am sure you will see a number of ideas you love.