Cascading curls can give you a soft, romantic wedding hairstyle. It also provides you with a variety of options for accessorizing with a veil, a set of hair pins, combs or a royal tiara. This style works with naturally curly hair, but a curling iron can create the same effect for straight hair. In order to get this full up-do your hair should be at, or beyond your shoulders. If your hair isn't long enough, using a one-piece extension will do the trick. Styling this hair requires using a medium and large barrel curling iron to form soft ringlets in various sizes. You (or your stylist) can then run your fingers through the hair to separate the strands into delicate curls, to get the most natural look. The hair can then be sectioned and pinned at the crown of the head leaving the curls loose at the top. The loose ends can be secured with more bobby pins to form a cascading up-do. Bits of hair can also left out to frame the face which is especially nice if you have bangs.
This hair style can complemented with nice hair pins or a simple veil tucked in the back. A traditional full veil can also be placed in front and removed at your convenience.