Combining headbands and braids is becoming more and more popular. This look is great for the bride and her bridal party. The style is perfect for the lady who wants to keep her hair out of her face but doesn't want any kind of up-do. The style tends to be most fitting for women with shoulder length hair, but even women with short hair can achieve the style by adding hair extensions. This hair style can be made by dividing your hair into large sections, spraying it with setting lotion, and then rolling it with a medium size curling iron to create fullness and volume. There are many different kinds of braids that can help create the effect of being sweet and sassy. One way of doing it is to part the hair on one side and then make a soft French braid along the top and side. The bottom section of the hair can then be pinned loosely to the side to meet the braid.A ribbon headpiece can be used to complement this hairstyle, giving it a sweet and romantic look. If headbands are not your style, then you can also create the same effect by using a nice, well-crafted ribbon.