Want to have a truly unique hairstyle on your wedding day? Why not put a modern spin on an elegant and classic 1950's hairstyle. This style is best for hair shoulder length or longer. However the look can also be achieved on shorter hair by adding a Hair Fall. The retro look can be achieved by brushing your hair smoothly into a sleek ponytail—it's a good idea to leave a small section of the hair out along the front and sides. The ponytail can then be curled with a medium curling iron. The curls can be woven within one another and pinned one by one along the lower back of your head. The front and sides can then be curled and pinned to mix with the rest of the style.  Complementing this style of hair is easy. One can use pins, hair combs, and other accessories that have a retro look. If you decide to wear a veil, be sure you wear it at the crown of the head or low near the row or curls.