Advice on the hair cut to choose to compliment your face shape.

One of the biggest mistakes people often make when choosing a hairstyle or haircut, is that they often try to follow a lot of trends set by celebrities, without considering which styles go with your face shape. Different types of faces, different haircuts: A flattering haircut highlights your faces best points and hides your flaws, but also improves your overall image. There are seven basic face shapes: oval, diamond, round, square, rectangular, elongated and triangular these are relative terms as obviously nobody has a perfectly square head. How to gauge your face shape? To find out what shape of face you have pull all your hair back or wet it and smooth it back so the contour of your head shows, look in the mirror and compare the length of your head and the width at eye level, taking note of the width at various other points like the jaw line then you should choose one of the above shapes as closely as possible. Types of face and best haircut:

Oval: This is the most common shape and is vaguely symmetrical around eye level. Ideal cut: Pretty much anything so any hairstyle will be great if this factor is all there is to consider.

Diamond or heart: How a Diamond shaped face is distinguished is that the chin is more pronounced than normal and quite fine cheekbones the forehead is usually similar to an oval face. Ideal Cut: The cut thatís best here will disguise the "hardness" of your angles, so something long or medium could be your best ally, like a bob or just combine longish side bangs to draw attention away from your cheekbones.

Round: Fairly straight forward this one; if we take the oval as the ideal the ratio between the vertical measurement and the horizontal would be about 2 to 1 much less than that can be counted as round. Ideal Cut: Avoid anything that gives you too much width especially at eye level so short high styles like a pixie cut is perfect.

Square: The square face is wide at the jaw and the forehead. Ideal Cut: The idea is to soften your features a little, so a medium cut with the ends pushed forward on to the forehead and cheeks should work for you.

Rectangular: Bit like a square face but slightly longer. Ideal Cut: The cuts ideal for rectangular faces are those that allow you to disguise a long forehead so bangs are a good choice along with a bit of volume to hide any hardness of your features.

Oblong: Similar to a square face with regard to the proportions but the forehead and chin are rounded rather than angular. Ideal Cut: If you want your face not to look so long, you should take a cut which has more volume at the top, and sides keeping the hair in that area a little longer around the ear also bangs will disguise a long forehead if needed.

Triangular or pear: Has a wide jaw line and a narrower top of the head. Ideal Cut: bangs and volume will balance out the wide chin. Remember in terms of versatility the ideal is an oval face that is 2 times longer that it is wide so any shape that is significantly different can alleviate this by trying things that will make that face appear to be nearer to the standard oval using length, bangs and volume.